Complete SSP End-of-Year Performance Evaluations by May 27

  • The SSP 2021-22 end-of-year (EOY) evaluation and conversation window is April 4 - May 27.  Please note the process has changed and see your next steps below.


    Next Steps:

    • Click here to find the relevant Observation and Final Rating form to draft self-reflections and appraisals. 


    • EMPLOYEES:  Self-reflections are optional, yet encouraged.

      • Work with your manager to establish a timeline.

      • Be prepared with your DPS ID#  and your manager’s email address.

      • Submit your self-reflections here

      • After you submit your information, you and your manager will receive a copy of what you submitted.


    • LEADERS:  

      • Establish a completion timeline with your direct reports.

      • Host the end-of-year conversation and then submit reflections for your direct reports here by May 27.  

      • Be prepared with the DPS ID# and email address for your direct report(s), as well as your own DPS ID# and email address.

      • After you submit your information, you and your direct report will receive a copy of what you submitted.


    • Review this FAQ for more information.


    For additional support, connect with your HR Partner or email


    Specialized Service Providers (SSPs) at DPS are vital members of the education team and have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that diverse student populations have equitable access to academic instruction and participation in school-related activities. SSPs also play a key role in the support of the whole child, which is defined as students who feel healthy, supported, engaged, challenged, safe, and socially and emotionally intelligent.

    The SSP growth and performance system (SSP GPS) was created to ensure there are great licensed professionals in our schools to support our students and our educators in improving student growth. Below is a list of the SSP licensed professionals working within DPS.


Licensed SSP Professionals

  • Team Leads

    SSP team leads are expert practitioners who lead a team of SSPs in his or her discipline to develop their ability to effectively deliver services and support the whole child. The SSP team leads oversees the full growth and performance system process for each SSP on his/her team. SSP team leads are responsible for coaching, supporting and evaluating SSPs throughout the school year. For 2021-22 school year we have 28 Team Leads across many of our SSP teams including Deaf & Hard of Hearing Itinerants and Audiologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists, School Nurses, School Psychologists and School Social Workers, Speech & Language Pathologists and Teachers of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility Specialists.