Student Equity and Opportunity Operations

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    The Operations Team in Student Equity and Opportunity believes in and is committed to working by the DPS Core Values and delivering excellent customer service in all our daily work. We will understand and support each other’s roles and responsibilities to allow for cross collaboration opportunities.

    Team responsibilities include:

    • CDE Data Submissions – Special Education and Discipline
    • Data for SE&O
    • Enrich
    • Financial Services
    • Laptop distribution and technical assistance for SE&O
    • Medicaid – Outreach and Enrollment
    • Operations Office Support - Records

    Operations’ customer service

    • Students and families first!
    • Responsiveness to all people we are in contact with and in a professional manner.
    • Seek more information in order to increase the quality of our responsiveness.
    • Help others understand our system(s). Provide solutions, and do not focus on roadblocks.
    • Always do what we say we will do: 48 hours rule to acknowledge/follow-up/update.
    • Be a problem-solver.
    • Active listening skills: find out what they mean.
    • Be sensitive to the customer’s culture and be respectful.
    • First impressions last.
    • Be positive and sincere.
    • Be realistic and honest about your commitments/services.
    • Be clear about what support we can provide.
    • Cross-trained for superior customer service
    • Build relationships.
    • Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
    • Lead by example.