Lift Off to LEAD
  • Welcome To Lead Onboarding.
    Supporting Your Development from Day One

    LEAD Onboarding is a comprehensive school leader orientation and development program that provides Assistant Principals and Principals who are either new to the district or to their leadership role with resources and support they need to accelerate acclimation into their new role. LEAD Onboarding will develop foundational skills, knowledge, connections and competencies to become effective leaders of leaders.

    The LEAD Onboarding Program is designed to:

    • Clarify job expectations for new School Leaders which will improve performance
    • Improve new Leaders’ ability to adjust to their jobs by accelerating their cultural familiarity and fostering connections—with information, as well as with people—across the district
    • Build collegial relationships in the early months
    • Deliver emerging knowledge-level training on topics that are uniquely important to new Principal and Assistant Principal roles at DPS, setting leaders up to lead with informed effective decisions and actions
    • Make school leader onboarding more culturally responsive 
    • Ensure a faster path to productivity and success at DPS by following a LEAD Flight Plan

    Click here for an Overview Video of LEAD Onboarding 

    Why LEAD Onboarding?

    The DPS vision that Every Child Succeeds is dependent on talent management strategies and supports that ensure we are finding, growing, retaining and amplifying the impact of great school leaders from day one. In an effort to advance school leadership excellence and help every school leader succeed, the LEAD team has worked collaboratively with key partners to design a more responsive, multi-dimensional, flexible and efficient school leader onboarding program to support first-year success and beyond. Successful onboarding programs have been proven to increase retention, productivity, overall positive attitude and accelerate integration into leadership roles.