Increasing Your Base Salary

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    DPS offers salary advancement for teachers and specialized service providers who strive to learn and find new ways to create a foundation of success for our students. ProComp teachers and SSPs can increase their base-salary by earning advanced degrees or licenses, completing Professional Development Units (PDUS) and achieving a satisfactory year-end performance review. If you are a traditional teacher, please click here for information on how to earn base salary increases.

    How Base Salary Increase Amount is Determined

    The amount of each type of base salary increase is based on a percentage of what is called the “index”. The index is equal to the starting salary of a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree (BA) and no prior teaching experience (Step 1) of the school year DCTA ProComp Salary Setting Schedule. The index is subject to change each school year based on the DCTA and District negotiation process.

    For example: The index (the starting salary of a teacher with a BA based on the Procomp Salary Setting schedule) for the 2018-19 school year is $42,789.67. The percent of index for earning an advanced degree or license is 9%.

    $42,789.67 x 9% = $3,851.07

    A teacher who earns an Advanced Degree or License would receive a base salary increase of $3,851.07.

    The Teacher & Specialized Service Provider (SSP) Compensation Overview contains details and percent of index for all base salary increase options.

    You can also visit the pages list below for additional details and eligibility for each option to increase your base salary: