Professional Evaluation Increases

  • School Staff Sitting at Computer

    Working with your supervisors through the Leading Effective Academic Practice program (LEAP), and the SSP Growth and Performance System (SSP GPS), you will discover your areas of strength and growth that lead to successful outcomes in your classroom and career. Successful ProComp teachers and SSPs are recognized with a salary increase.

    For the 2018-19 school year, Teachers and SSPs who receive a rating of approaching or above will receive annual base pay increases as follows:

    • $855 for teachers who have 14 or fewer years of service
    • $427 for teachers who have more than 14 years of service

    If you have questions regarding your years of service, please contact HR Connect.

    The Highest Priority Incentive payment amount may be determined by a Teacher/SSP's Professional Evaluation rating. For Procomp teachers and SSPs, the base pay increases outlined above are paid in addition to the Highest Priority monthly incentive payments.