Tuition and Student Loan Reimbursement (DCTA Bargaining Unit Use Only)

  • Teachers in classroom

    ProComp teachers and SSPs may be eligible for student loan and tuition reimbursement, up to $1,000 per school year and $6,000 total lifetime. Specific eligibility and payment guidelines are outlined on the Tuition and Student Loan Reimbursement Form (Adobe Acrobat Reader required for electronic signature). Forms are due to Payroll by the end of each month in order to be paid on the following month's second paycheck. The deadline to apply reimbursement credit to the 2019-20 school year maximum is July 31st, 2020. 

    Tuition Reimbursement Guidelines

    • Eligible expenses include only professional development related to the assignment(s) for which you are or could become qualified.
    • For tuition reimbursement, grades must be a D or above, Pass or Satisfactory
    • Tuition reimbursable expenses include:
      • Courses taken at an accredited university or college or nationally associated institutions
      • Graduate-level courses
      • Continuing education courses, seminars, workshops, conferences
      • Books for classes
      • National Board Certification (NBPTS) fees (does not include registration fee) after certification is received
      • Classes to prepare a teacher for the NBPTS.
    • Reimbursable expenses do not include:
      • Test fees (except SLP if all parts passed)
      • Application fees for tests
      • Advanced License renewal fees
      • Theology courses
      • Fees paid to private tutors
      • Self-study courses except for those with an objective method to demonstrate proficiency like an exam, if these conditions are met:
        • Provide documentation of method to demonstrate proficiency with this form
        • A satisfactory score on the lowest common level of proficiency demonstrated across the skill areas (for languages - listening, reading, writing, and speaking).
        • Assessment can be repeated multiple times, but only one attempt may be reimbursed upon successful completion.

    Student Loan Reimbursement

    • Include proof of outstanding loan balance (a loan payment coupon, invoice, or other statement)
    • Must have name printed on student loan information

    Payment Guidelines

    • You must have a status of active with benefits (AB), Active with J1 Visa-no PERA (AV), active retired (AR), leave with pay (LP), leave summer pay/benefits (LR), or Leave with full pay J1 Visa-No PERA (LV) at the time of accrual, submission, and payout in order to receive payment for this incentive.
      • Exception: If passing the language proficiency exam before hire is a requirement of the position, the cost to take the designated proficiency exam one time may be accrued prior to the date of hire. Tuition Reimbursement is effective when 100% of the exam is passed and follows the status rules above.
    • Form must be submitted to Payroll by the last day of each month to be paid on next month’s second paycheck. For example, submit form and documentation between October 1st and October 31st, your payment will appear on the November 22nd paycheck provided you are still in an eligible status at the time of payout. New employees that submit forms and documentation during the month of August will receive the reimbursement in the second paycheck of October.
    • You can submit multipe requests up to a maximum of $,1000 per contract year (August through July payment). There is a $6,000 lifetime educational reimbursement limit whether it is tuition, student loan reimbursement or a combination of both. For inquiries regarding remaining benefit amount, please contact
    • The Deadline to apply Tuition Reimbursement credit towards your 2019-20 School Year maximum is July 31st, 2020. Any Tuition Reimbursement forms and documents received by Payroll after the July 31st, 2020 deadline will count towards the 2020-21 school year credit.