Traditional Teachers & SSPs

  • Teacher and Student

    Traditional teachers and SSPs refers to those who started working at DPS before 2006 and opted-out of ProComp.

    Traditional compensation is determined by DCTA and District negotiations annually. The school year DCTA Traditional Salary Schedule provides specific salary information. Traditional teachers may be eligible for salary increases as follows:

    • Steps may be awarded through the negotiation process between DCTA and the District. When a step is awarded, the employee will move up one step (i.e., from step 8 to step 9). Once an employee is on step 13, there are no additional steps. Teachers on step 13 are eligible to receive any negotiated annual cost of living increases. 
    • Lane Changes can be obtained by getting additional college credits or an advanced degree. For specific eligibility requirements, including cutoff dates to return the form and  the associated pay increase effective date, please refer to the Lane Change Request Form.
    • Longevity: Traditional teachers are eligible for longevity payments starting after 15 years of Service with DPS and each 5 years thereafter. Payment of longevity increments shall be the next month following the employee’s anniversary date. Please refer to the DCTA contract and updated schedules for specific information pertaining to salary or longevity amounts.