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    ILT Partners support individual schools and serve as a resource for professional learning at the school and/or network level. Within schools, an ILT Partner can build the capacity of individual members of the ILT, and/or the ILT as a whole, in the Instructional Expertise and People & Culture competencies of the School Leadership Framework. Within schools, an ILT Partner’s work most often aligns to one or more of these four specific indicators within the framework:

    • Instructional Expertise: Instructional Excellence. Developing the capacity of an ILT to grow teachers through observation and feedback, coaching, professional learning and/or collaboration;
    • Instructional Expertise: Use of Student Data. Ensures implementation of a school-wide assessment strategy that leads to teacher data analyses and action plans that improve student outcomes;
    • People & Culture: Distributive Leadership. Empowering leaders to share ownership, responsibility and authority of the school’s vision and goals; and
    • People & Culture: Talent Management. Support leaders to cultivate and hold accountable a high-performance leadership team that selects, retains, and grows top talent.


    Examples of School-Level Supports

    Supports to ILTs as a whole

    • ILT meeting planning and agenda creation, feedback on ILT meetings
    • Support with short- and long-term goal setting
    • Develop and monitor protocols for collaborative planning and grade-level or department meetings
    • Support creating and maintaining systems for leader coaching and 1:1 check-ins
    • Data analysis to progress monitor school goals and accountability plans (i.e., UIP goals, 90-day plans)
    • Support planning and facilitation of ILT walk-throughs or learning labs

    Supports to individual leaders

    *Coaching engagements are based on IS prioritization or school leader opt-in.

    • Co-observations and feedback-on-feedback for S/TLs
    • Building S/TL capacity to design and execute learning cycles with teams of teachers
    • Building capacity of individual leaders to run effective data meetings
    • Preparing for and practicing difficult conversations
    • Supports to Principals in drafting TLC plans and TLC selection plans
    • Supports to Principals in preparing for LEAD mid-year and end-of-year conversations

    Supporting School-Level and Network-Level Professional Learning


    *School-level professional learning at Principal request

    • Supporting short and long-term PL planning
    • Building capacity to deliver high-quality PL
    • Data analysis to support school-wide professional learning
    • Conducting walk-throughs to support monitoring PL implementation
    • Facilitating instructional rounds or learning labs
    • In collaboration with Peer Observers, participate in ILT Calibration sessions on LEAP


    *Network-level professional learning at IS request

    • Sessions related to the School Leadership Framework and LEAD Growth & Performance System
    • Sessions related to TLC planning and TLC role selection
    • Sessions in collaboration with content partners
    • Sessions related to ILT systems and structures (see topics above)


    Examples of ILT Partner Supports in 2017-18

    EED Network 3, Hallett: ILT Structures and Processes: During the summer in 2017, Amy Odell collaborated with the new Principal of Hallett Academy to devise a plan for launching the school’s newly formed Instructional Leadership Team.  Based on the Principal’s vision for the school, Amy and the Principal flushed out roles and responsibilities for members of the ILT, and identified specific systems and structures that will be put in place to support the work of the ILT--and ultimately the growth and performance of teachers and students.  Amy facilitated the launch of the new ILT in early August, and will be observing and providing feedback on ILT meetings, facilitating learning cycles with TLs and/or S/TLs with the goal of improving coaching practice, and regularly consulting with the Principal regarding the health and function of the ILT.

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