School Leader Compensation

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    In order to meet the goal of the Denver Plan 2020, having great schools in every neighborhood, Denver Public Schools is committed to making school leadership a top priority. 

    The school leader incentive program is designed to reward high performing leaders, provide incentives for working in highest-needs schools, and offer competitive wages at all levels (elementary, middle and high).

    Salary Setting and Salary Increases

    DPS uses market data from neighboring school districts to determine our salary ranges.  To learn more, view current DPS Principal and Assistant Principal salary ranges.

    Salary setting is based on experience and school level (elementary, middle, and high).  Work experience credit is given for comparable leadership roles.

    Base pay increases for all school leaders are based on LEAD evaluation score, the salary range quartile in which the school leader’s salary falls, and the district budget for the following school year. For more information on the school leader growth and performance system, view the LEAD websiteSalary increases are typically paid in the spring.  

    School Leader Incentives

    DPS has five different incentives to recognize and retain great leaders.  Descriptions are available below.  To learn more, view the current DPS Principal and Assistant Principal incentive amounts and the School Designations for School Leaders documents.

  • School Designation

    There are three different school designations at DPS.  Incentives are only paid to school leaders at a school with one of these three designations.  Only one incentive is awarded to a school leader at a school with multiple school designations.  Highest Priority supercedes Pathways which supercedes Title 1. 

    1. Highest Priority - 30 schools (20 based on academic performance and 10 chosen by the district) are designated as “Highest Priority” for a 5 year duration.
    2. Pathways - Schools identified by Tiered Support Services as alternative or pathway schools.
    3. Title 1 - Schools identified annually by ESSA Title Programs with ties to FRLs (free and reduced lunch percentage).

  • Continuity

    Paid to Principals who stay for continuous years at the same school that has a school designation of Highest Priority, Pathways, or Title 1.  The Principal must have a satisfactory LEAD rating of Effective or greater to be eligible for this incentive.  Assistant Principals are not eligible for Continuity.

  • Student Enrollment Incentive

    Paid to Principals who have an official student enrollment count of 750 or higher.  Assistant Principals are not eligible for Student Enrollment Incentive.

  • Top Performing

    Paid to Principals and Assistant Principals who worked at a school that achieved the Top Performing status of “Blue” or “Green” based on the “overall indicator” of the School Performance Framework.

  • High Growth

    Paid to Principals and Assistant Principals who worked at a school that achieved High Growth status of “Blue” or “Green” based on the “growth indicator” of the School Performance Framework.

  • Incentive Eligibility

    To receive incentive payouts, each Principal or Assistant Principal must meet the district's predetermined eligibilty criteria.  Please click below to view incentive eligibility requirements.

  • School Leader Incentive Eligibility Criteria

    1. You must have been in an eligible position (Principal, Assistant Principal, or Principal Resident) during the school year.
    2. You must still be employed or have retired at the end of the most recent contract year in an eligible role at time of payout.
      1. Employees who have recently retired with PERA are eligible for any applicable incentives, based on the eligibility guidelines listed below.
      2. Employees who finish the current contract year and then transfer to a non-school leader role within the district but are still employed at time of payout are eligible for any applicable incentives associated with the respective school year of their school leader role.
      3. If you transfer to a non-school leader position (a job other than Principal, Assistant Principal, or Principal Resident) before the end of the contract year, you will not be eligible for any incentives.
    3. You must have started in the job no later than March 1st of the respective school year.
    4. You must have a total school leader FTE of 0.5 or higher to be eligible.
    5. Payments will be prorated by FTE and time spent in the school.  Only the months August - May will be considered for proration eligibility.  For late hires, you must start on or before the 1st of the respective month to count towards eligibility.  
        1. September 1st = 100%
        2. October 1st = 90%
        3. November 1st  = 80%
        4. December 1st = 70%
        5. January 1st = 60%
        6. February 1st = 50%
        7. March 1st = 40%
    6. Employees transferring from one school to another mid-year will receive prorated incentives for time spent in each school.
    7. Unpaid leaves of absence during the school year will be prorated and will not count toward incentive eligibility.

    Employees who leave DPS for any reason other than retirement and are not employed at the time of payout are not eligible to receive the incentive.  

    Year Zero Principals are eligible for all incentives except Top Performing and High Growth

    Interim Principals are eligible for all incentives except Continuity.

    The following roles are not eligible for School Leader incentives:

     POSA (Principal on Special Assignment)

     Hourly Principals

     Principal Intern (Ritchie/ELL)

     Instructional Director

     Teacher Admin Assistant

     Dean of Operations, Instruction, Student Services, or Culture

     Admin Intern

  • Innovation Management Organization (IMO) Incentive Model

    For IMO schools, incentives are pooled and the Executive Principal is given the discretion on incentive allocation.  Eligibility guidelines stated above do not apply to IMO schools. For further questions regarding the IMO incentive pools, please talk with your Executive Principal.