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    We believe all DPS schools – regardless of governance type and model – are responsible to serve all of our students with excellence so that students graduate ready for college and career. PMT runs accountability processes across our family of schools with the belief that we are all accountable to support strong student outcomes, as defined in the Denver Plan 2020.

    • School Performance Framework (SPF): The SPF considers how schools perform on a variety of indicators from student growth and proficiency to attendance and satisfaction. PMT works to ensure we are measuring the right aspects of student and school performance on the SPF and communicating its results and uses effectively.
    • School Performance Compact (SPC): The SPC establishes a transparent and consistent policy to identify the most persistently low-performing schools and designate them for restart or closure to ensure that all students have access to high-quality schools that prepare them to succeed. PMT also uses the SPC to inform its charter renewal and innovation authorization processes.
    • School Quality Framework (SQF): The SQF is a matrix of research-based indicators outlining the factors that typically contribute to a successful school. It was developed to ensure a common understanding of quality and is used primarily during renewal and tiered quality assurance site visits; it also forms the basis of the rubric used in our New Schools process. The rubric associated with the framework outlines the criteria for both reviewers and school participants in these processes. The rubric evaluates the following domains: Teaching, Leadership, Education Program, School Culture, and Governance.

      The SQF is designed to be model neutral, allowing it to be used to evaluate a range of school models and honoring autonomy. The SQF and rubric are publicly available because of DPS’ commitment to transparency and to ensure that school leaders are clear on the criteria by which schools are evaluated.


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