Lift Off to Lead, School Leader Orientation
  • Essential Knowledge and Support to Help You Develop In Your New Role

    LEAD Onboarding will support the New Principal and New Assistant Principals to be successful in his/her role by building emerging knowledge in subject areas that are critical to effective leadership in DPS including:

    • COMPLIANCE: Establish foundational understanding of the basic legal and policy related rules and regulations that employees must know and comply with
    • CLARITY: Ensure that new employees (or employees new to leadership roles) clearly understand their new jobs and related expectations
    • CULTURE: Provide employees with a set of norms—formal and informal—that help them integrate to district culture
    • CONNECTIONS: Support the connection with vital organizational and departmental information networks that are critical for employees new to a school leadership role

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    The LEAD Onboarding Flight Plan. Getting You Ready for Take-Off. 

    To ensure a faster path to productivity and success at DPS, the LEAD Onboarding program features a LEAD Onboarding Flight Plan. Your LEAD Onboarding Flight Plan includes:

    • Details and resources to access during your onboarding experiences
    • 12-18 month Lift Off to School Leadership Scope and Sequence with essential content for the first year.

    To begin your LEAD Onboarding process, visit the LEAD Onboarding Flight Plan to identify the tasks, courses and information you will need for your first year a new school leader.