Strategic Analytics

  • About Us

    The Strategic Analytics team promotes strategic decision-making and drives continuous improvement through strategy development support, program evaluation, and the collection, analysis, and reporting of data to department leaders to create effective change within the district

    What We Do

    • Support data-driven, informed strategy formation by district leaders and home departments
    • Provide relevant analyses, data, and recommendations
    • Build relationships to support home department and district-wide goals
    • Conduct 5-6 full-scale initiative or program evaluations of district priorities to inform district leadership

    How We Do It

    • Partner with DPS departments to provide analyst support
    • Evaluate programs to inform leadership priorities and needs
    • Elevate key analyses and evaluations through district performance monitoring systems

    Who We Serve

    • Students
    • Home departments
    • District leaders
    • School staff, including school leaders and teachers
    • Advocacy groups
    • Legislators and policymakers
    • Board of Education
    • Parents and families

    Our Partners

    We work with many teams within Denver Public Schools, including:

    • English Language Acquisition (ELA)
    • Curriculum & Instruction (C&I)
    • Early Education
    • Student Equity and Opportunity (SEO)
    • Professional Learning Team (PLT)
    • Portfolio Management

    Why It Matters

    Equity is at the heart of everything we do.

    By providing our stakeholders with a window into how our current initiatives are performing, and where we are seeing successes and areas for growth, we can work with departments and district leadership to identify how and where we can improve to support success for all students.

    How We Can Support Your Team

    We can support you / your team with:

    • Determining the highest-leverage areas for additional analyses, data support, or evaluation
    • Explaining student achievement data related to Early Literacy, TS Gold, English Learners, Students with Disabilities, Whole Child, and others
    • Program evaluation
    • Measuring the effectiveness of professional learning
    • Survey design



  • For more information on the Strategic Analytics team and its current services and activities, please email Stephanie Hamilton, Manager of the Strategic Analytics Team.