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    Support for Schools & Teachers


    ACE CTE Program and Teacher support

    Our team provides ACE Career & Technical Education Program approvals, teacher credentialing, curriculum support, student and teacher conference opportunities.

    We also are happy to provide context driven consulting and design support for your school's work based learning programming at in-school and community based sites.

    Transition Assessment 

    Professional development, consultation & collection of varied transition assessments

    • Transition Assessment Finder & Resource Tool
    • CareerScope -- career interest and aptitude aptitude assessment & facilitated small group workshops
    • Strong Interest Inventory -- career & post-secondary training interest
    • EdReady Support --Current Diagnostic for Technical College Programs at Emily Griffith Technical College
    • Foundations of Transition Planning Professional Development Unit
    • Request support or consult through this survey form

    Special Populations Support

    In a joint effort with CareerConnect, we are providing support to not only Special Education students, but also students with additional barriers to success. Our ACE Regional Coordinator supports students who fall under the Perkins defiition of Special Populations (pregnant/parenting, ELA, foster-involved, low SES) with career exploration, connections to DPS programming across the district, internship and job search support. This role works primarily through the Pathways Schools, but is available to support students at all schools who have additional needs and supports in their career and college-related pursuits. 

    Graduation Requirements

    Consulting to understand and implement the new graduation requirements and how they affect your students with IEPs. Get helpful guidance on the Transition Readiness Capstone Portfolio. 

    Graduation requirements & Capstone support



    Katie Kraft, Team Supervisor & Special Education Graduation Coordinator

    Rachel Almond, Work-Based Learning and School Based ACE Teacher Support

    Courtney Kallas, Transition Assessment, Student Self-Determination, Instructional Support & Family Involvement

    Jamie Youngblood, Higher Ed & Technical Skills Partnerships

    Nicole Franchino, Career Exploration & Workforce Development Partnerships

    Joe Tabano, Internship Coordinator