Food Purchasing Policy

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    At DPS, we prioritize spending our budget resources to support our Shared Core Value of Students First. We expect all team members to uphold our priorities by complying with the district’s policy on food purchases for non-student meals. 

    You can find the entire policy in the board’s Education Policy DK-R2. Read the FAQs on the policy below. 

  • ***Updated*** Board Policy on Food Purchases

    The Board Policy on food puchases has recently been updated. For all food purchases the Food Documentation Form must be attached to the Pcard transaction in PaymentNet or when submitting a reimbursment request form. If seeking an exception to the updated food policy the Food Approval Form must also be attached. The approval form must be completed and signed by the Principal/Executive Director and the appropriate Regional Superintendent/Senior Leadership Cabinet Member prior to purchase. For more information please refer to the Food Purchasing Policy FAQ. (NOTE: The forms are documents in the Google Drive. Click the download button in the top right corner to create a fillable PDF.)

  • Where can I find the district's food purchasing policy?

    The board of education determines the district food purchasing policies and procedures for non-student meals. The entire policy can be found in Board Docs Policy DK-R2.

  • Who can approve food purchases made with a P-card or on a reimbursement form?

    Your direct supervisor may approve P-card transactions or reimbursement forms for food purchases.  You will also need to attach the Food Documentation Form and Food Approval Form (if required) to the transaction in PaymentNet or with your reimbursment form.

  • Does this policy apply to all district funding sources?

    No. This policy is for spending from the DPS’ General Fund. If you would like to use other funds to purchase food (for example, from a grant or the Student Activity Fund), ask your grant manager and/or financial partner for guidance.

  • Does the policy apply to snacks and beverages?

    Yes. You must follow this policy for all food items, including snacks and beverages. 

  • May I purchase food for a holiday party?

    No. Consider having your team show off their cooking and baking skills with a themed potluck instead!

  • May I purchase food for a regularly scheduled staff meeting that has recognition built in?

    No. It has to be a District wide special recognition event.

  • What are some alternatives to purchasing food if I want to recognize my team?

    Visit our DPS Honors! Recognition page for tools and opportunities to celebrate team members. Or, give them a special “shout out” at your next school or department meeting.  

  • I have a meeting scheduled directly over lunch, can I provide lunch for my team?


  • What should I do if my supervisor and/or principal is requesting that I purchase food for a meeting that does not meet the food purchasing policy requirements?

    Share this FAQ and link to the policy with your supervisor. If you need additional support, contact your financial partner.

  • What happens if I purchase food and do not have the required documentation?

    You will not be reimbursed or you may lose your P-card.

    You must include a detailed receipt, list of meeting attendees and a meeting agenda - including meeting times - with your reimbursement request or p-card transaction. If you do not provide the required documentation, one of the following will occur:

    • If you paid for the food personally, your reimbursement request will be denied and you will not receive a reimbursement for the food purchase until you submit all required documentation.
    • If you paid for food with your P-card, you will receive Accountability Points and could possibly lose your card. Refer to the District P-Card Policy for more information.

  • I'm not sure whether I can purchase food for a meeting. Where do I go for help?

    First, read the board policy.  If you’re still not sure, ask your manager. If you and your manager need additional guidance, reach out to your financial partner.