Voluntary Colorado PERA 401(k)

  • Colorado PERA provides retirement and other benefits to DPS employees. In addition to your bi-monthly required contribution to the PERA retirement trust funds (in place of contributions towards social security), and DPS contributions, we recommends that you save additional money for retirement.

    The PERAPlus 401(k) Plan is an optional/voluntary retirement savings program offered through Colorado PERA for all DPS employees. Employees decide how much they will contribute to their account each year and can change this amount or stop making contributions at any time. Your PERAPLUS 401(k) account is yours for life, and will follow you even if you leave DPS.

    To enroll in the PERAPlus 401(k) Plan:

    1. Use the PERAPlus Enrollment Guide to learn more and navigate enrollment.
    2. Complete the PERA 401(k) Contribution Authorization Form and send it to Connect_HumanResources@dpsk12.org.
    3. Send the PERA 401(k) Beneficiary Designation Form to VOYA.

    How do I change the amount of my contributions or stop making contributions?

    If you would like to increase or decrease the amount of your contributions, or to stop making contributions to an open account, fill out a new PERA 401(k) Contribution Authorization Form and email it to Connect_HumanResources@dpsk12.org.


    For more information, visit Colorado PERA, view Your PERA Benefits, or contact PERA Customer Service at 303-832-9550 or 1-800-759-7372.