Colorado PERA Disability Program

  • Colorado PERA members with five or more years of service are covered by a short-term disability (STD) program and a disability retirement benefit. The goal of the STD program is to help you return to work as soon as practical to your previous job or another job. The goal of disability retirement is to provide you with income if you are not able to work and are not expected to recover. For additional information, please review the Colorado PERA Disability Program Booklet.

    If you believe you may qualify for STD or disability retirement, you must submit a Disability Program Application (found on the end of the booklet) to PERA no later than 90 days following your date of termination from employment. Your date of termination from employment is the last day you receive salary on which PERA contributions are withheld, or the last day of an employer-certified leave, whichever is later.


    For additional information, please contact Colorado PERA at 800-759-7372 or 303-832-9550.