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  • Enrolling in Benefits

    Annual Benefits Open Enrollment for the 2019-20 plan year is closed. All benefits-eligible employees who did not enroll in or waive benefits during the 2019 Open Enrollment period have been auto-enrolled into the Aetna 3500 CDHP medical plan with employee-only coverage (post-tax), a health savings account (HSA), and the DPS Sick Leave Bank, beginning July 1. If you wish to waive medical coverage for the 2019-20 plan year, please complete the 2019-20 Medical Insurance Waiver Form and submit it to HR Connect as soon as possible. Please note that all incurred premium charges are non-refundable. 

    Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling in DPS Benefits

    Newly eligible employees (new employees or employees who have a change in employment status such as from a non-benefit-eligible position to a benefit-eligible one) must enroll online through the Benefits Enrollment Site no later than 30 calendar days from your start date or date of status change. Health insurance coverage will become effective for newly eligible employees on the first day of the month after your official start date. Please check Infor HR to see what your official start date is if you are not sure. You will find this in the "adjusted start date" field.

    All benefits-eligible employees working 20 or more hours per week who do not take action during Benefits Open Enrollment will be auto-enrolled in the Aetna 3500 CDHP medical plan with employee-only coverage (post-tax), a health savings account (HSA), and the DPS Sick Leave Bank. If you are auto-enrolled in a medical plan, you have the option to cancel the plan by completing this Medical Waiver Form and submitting it to Connect_HumanResources@dpsk12.org.

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    Am I eligible to enroll in DPS benefits?

    To find out, click here.

    How do I access/use my insurance?

    Once enrolled, click here to learn how to access and use your insurance.

    What benefits am I currently enrolled in?

    To view your current benefits selections, click here to log-in and view your Confirmation Statement (bottom of the page, under Benefits).

    Need to contact a benefits provider directly?

    Benefits Provider Contact Information


    For more information, email Connect_HumanResources@dpsk12.org or call 720-423-3900.