• Teachers and SSPs are eligible for a salary increase, through a one-time grade change, through longevity.  Longevity is equal to ten years of service in a teacher or SSP role or job covered by the DCTA bargaining unit within the last fifteen years.

    Employees in grade 6 (Masters + 54) or 7 (Doctorate), receive a one-time base increase of $2,000 rather than moving to a new grade.

    Educators given credit for 119 days worked (and FMLA) receive credit for a year of service toward longevity.  

    A year of service is determined each year on July 15, and a one-time salary increase is given effective August 1 if the ten years of service within the last fifteen in the DCTA bargaining unit is reached during the previous school year.

    Teachers and SSPs with a “No Rating” score that have worked 119 days will be eligible for a year towards years of service.

    If you have questions regarding your years of service, please email HR Connect at HR_Connect@dpsk12.org or call 720-423-3900.