TLC Eligibility

  • How to Submit Documentation to Validate Eligibility to Apply 


    DPS applicants who do not have a current eligibility status in GHR need to submit documentation to validate eligibility to apply for TLC roles. If you didn’t teach in DPS in 2014-15 or were not in a role that receives a LEAP rating, you will not have a current eligibility status because there was no data to reference. All applicants need to provide proof of educator effectiveness to apply for a TLC role. This process applies to you if your TLC eligibility status in GHR says “insufficient data”, “not applicable”, or if eligibility status is left blank.



    Candidates NOT currently employed by DPS must provide documentation of the current educator effectiveness. Please follow the guidance below to submit your 2014-15 summative evaluation from your current/former school district. Please note that the evaluation must clearly display the school district, a summative effectiveness rating, and include multiple measures (i.e. your evaluation must include more components than just observations). All candidates new to DPS will also need to participate in a General Teacher screen process since instruction is a component of all teacher leader roles.

    Apply to TLC roles as a candidate external to DPS (note: you must first apply to the DPS General Teacher pool and complete a screening, Job # 10334; then you may apply to the TLC eligibility pool)


    Teachers who received a 2014-15 LEAP performance rating can find their eligibility status to apply for TLC roles by accessing GHR. To be eligible to apply for 2016-17 TLC roles, candidates must have a 2014-15 rating of Effective or Distinguished. If you already have a 2014-15 LEAP rating, your eligibility is automatically reported in GHR.