• FAQs on the PDU Payout Process for Teachers

    Where can I see how many PDUs I have that will be paid out on November 7, 2019?

    ProComp PDUs in a status of “Scheduled” in the PDU Bank will be paid out.  They can be viewed at:

    Which PDUs are eligible for payout on November 7, 2019?   

    To be eligible to be paid in a lump sum, a ProComp PDU must:

    • have been completed, graded, and submitted by the PDU Leader by January 19, 2019
    • validated for credit by the Professional Learning Team by May 31, 2019
    • be in a status of “scheduled” in the ProComp PDU bank
    • not have already been paid out or expired under the ProComp 2.0 agreement

    To be paid out, the employee must:

    • have been enrolled in ProComp 2.0 and remained in ProComp 2.0 through May 31, 2019
    • have been part of the DCTA bargaining unit at the time the PDU was earned
    • be part of the DCTA bargaining unit at the time of payout

    Which PDUs are not eligible for payout on November 7, 2019?  

    PDUs that are ineligible include:

    • anything completed after January 19, 2019
    • anything previously paid through the ProComp 2.0 agreement
    • PDUs earned while in ProComp 2.0, but the employee was not in DCTA on May 31, 2019 

    Troubleshooting the PDU Bank

    What if a PDU that met the rules above is not on the report(s) or does not show the correct completion date?

    Prior to December 6, 2019, please email the group responsible for the type of course that you believe is in error.  Include any documentation or communications you have regarding your PDU that show that the PDU in question was reviewed by one of the teams below prior to May 31, 2019.

    • For ELA PDUs (104, 105A or B, 201 or 202) started after August 1, 2018 finished and graded prior to May 31, 2019 please email the ELA Team.
    • For non-ELA PDUs started after August 1, 2018 and completed before January 19, 2019 (for payment) or May 31, 2019 (for transcript additions,) please email the PDU Team.  

    What if a PDU is on the report but not showing the correct status for payment or credit?

    First, confirm that the PDU on the report shows a completion date between September 1, 2018 and January 19, 2019.  If the completion date is in this window but is displaying incorrectly, follow the steps above for missing/incorrect completion date PDUs. 

    If a PDU meeting the ProComp rules for payment or grade change credit has the correct completion date but you believe is not displaying the correct status (for instance, should be “Scheduled” or “Grade Change Credit”) in the report, please send an email to the HR Connect by December 6, 2019.  Include any documentation or communications you have regarding your PDU.

    What if I believe there is an error regarding completion date or completion status on my PDU report from PDUs prior to the 2018-2019 school year?

    Only errors or discrepancies from the 2018-2019 school year of PDUs will be reviewed. Opportunities to correct PDU completion information for years prior to 2018-2019 were provided as part of the salary setting process in the spring of 2019. The link to the information in Teacher Weekly is here.

    What if the data between the reports is different?

    If the data in question is wrong across all reports, please follow the steps above to get the data corrected.  

    If there is data that is different between the Teacher PDU History Report and the DPS Transcript in Learning Space, please email HR Connect prior to December 6, 2019.  Please include the PDU name and identifier as well as the sources of data that are in conflict.  


    General PDU FAQs

    Where can I see PDU information that can be used for license renewal? 

    PDUs applicable for license renewal can be viewed on the DPS Transcript available in Learning Space.

    Where can I see if I received a salary increase for a prior PDU?

    The Performance Pay History Report accessible from Infor Employee Space details your pay history.


    Which PDUs transfer from ProComp 2.0 to ProComp 3.0?

    Only ELA PDUs (104, 105A or B, 201, or 202) finished and graded prior to May 31, 2019, and not already compensated, will have 1 credit per course applied (non-monetary value) towards a future grade change under the new agreement.

    Where can I see which PDUs have ProComp 3.0 grade change value? 

    Going forward, PDUs that are eligible for grade change credit and used for grade change credit will be visible on a report. That report is still in development. It will be communicated as soon as it is available, which is anticipated at the end of the fall 2019 semester.

    What is happening with the current PDU report in the Teacher Portal? 

    On January 1, 2020 access to the ProComp 2.0 PDU Database and the associated report in the Teacher Portal will be decommissioned.  Any changes to this data for the 2018-2019 school year must be submitted by December 6, 2019.  

    What PDUs have value under the new ProComp agreement?

    Please refer to the Professional Development Units (PDU) site on the Commons for questions on PDUs in 2019-2020 school year.

    I do not see the answer to my question in these FAQs.

    Please send additional questions to HR Connect by December 6, 2019.