2022-23 Medical Coverage Options

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    DPS offers nine unique plan options through Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, and MotivHealth to help you manage your health, your way. DPS contributes money to help pay for the cost of these plans through Benefit Credits and subsidies. Each Employee Association (or union) has their own Benefit Credit amounts.  

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Kaiser Permanente

  • You might have noticed, most things in life have gotten smarter, more personalized, and more convenient. Health care? Not so much. As Colorado's largest nonprofit health care provider, Kaiser Permanente is out to change that.

    When you choose Kaiser Permanente, you’re choosing both health care and coverage-- a personalized, smart, convenient experience, without the guesswork. It’s health care the way it’s meant to be:

    • Access to World-Class Care:
      • Kaiser Permanente’s board-certified physicians work in over 46 medical specialties, with no referral required in most cases to see a Kaiser Permanente specialist.
      • At most Kaiser Permanente medical facilities, you can visit a doctor, fill prescriptions, and get labs and X-rays done — all under one roof.
    • Convenient Options Available When and Where You Need Them:
      • Schedule appointments, view your medical records, email your doctor's office, and more through the Kaiser Permanente mobile app.
      • 24/7 On-demand Virtual Care: Visit with a clinician anytime by video or phone.
      • Rx home delivery: Skip the trip to the pharmacy by taking advantage of same-day or next-day delivery of medication. A fee and some restrictions apply.
      • Download and read Kaiser Permanente's Out of Area Dependent Benefit Overview for information on covering dependents who are outside of the Denver Metro coverage area
    • Expanded Access to Mental Health and Well-Being Resources, Including:
      • Video sessions are available with both Kaiser Permanente and Amwell mental health providers.
      • Access to self-care apps like Calm and myStrength for help with sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, meditation, resilience, and more.

    If you're a current KP member, call 877-883-6698 or visit kp.org

    Prospective members can call the Kaiser Permanente pre-enrollment line at 800-324-9208 or visit the Kaiser Permanente microsite for DPS for more information.

    Each Kaiser Permanente plan offers 100% covered preventative care. Kaiser Permanente offers four comprehensive plans. Download and read the Summary of Benefits and Coverage listed below for each plan to understand what the plan covers and what you pay for covered services:

    Listed below are the Summary of Benefits and Coverage en español:


  • MotivHealth has partnered with Town and Country and Centura to create a medical network that provides access to high-quality care at the best price. MotivHealth combines unique tools that allow members to shop and compare the costs of various providers before receiving care—no more guessing. MotivHealth also offers prescription assistance programs that can help significantly lower or eliminate out-of-pocket medication costs.

    Customer service representatives, called Personal Health Assistants, are available 24/7/365 to assist members with finding affordable care, answering any questions, and being a resource when navigating the complexities of healthcare.

    Visit dps.motivhealth.com or call the DPS hotline at 800-392-7786

    MotivHealth offers one 2800 CDHP plan with 100% covered preventive services. Download and read the Summary of Benefits and Coverage listed below to understand what the plan covers and what you pay for covered services:

    2022-23 MotivHealth CDHP 2800 *Auto-Enrolled default plan

    2022-23 MotivHealth CDHP 2800 en español *Plan predeterminado de inscripción automática

    For additional plan information, click on the MotivHealth Outline of Coverage links below:

    2022-23 MotivHealth CDHP 2800 Outline of Coverage

    2022-23 MotivHealth CDHP 2800 Outline of Coverage en español

    Select the link below for MotivHealth's preventive drug list:

    MotivHealth's Generic Preventive Drug List

Enrolling in Medical Plans

  • You can enroll in Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, or MotivHealth plans during your annual benefits elections on the enrollment site

    OE Dates

    Open Enrollment is April 18 - May 6 and every benefits eligible employee must take action by enrolling or waiving their benefits or you will be auto-enrolled in the Aetna 3500 or MotivHealth 2800 CDHP plan and a Health Savings Account (HSA). Go to Open Enrollment for updates, resources, and learning opportunities.


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