SEL Instruction

  •  Self Awareness & Self management 


    • We identify and manage emotions in both personal and social contexts
    • We fully develop an understanding and appreciation of personal cultural identity
    • We establish self-efficacy and positive view of personal future
    • We set and drive toward achievement of goals
    • We effectively apply self-awareness abilities and skill to develop self-discipline

    Decision Making


    • We are intentional when making a decision or choice
    • We reflect upon and take responsibility for ethical decision making 

    Social-Awareness & Relationship Skills 


    • We gain understanding of the perspectives and emotions of others and respond in an appropriate matter
    • We recognize and appreciate diversity of culture while maintaining common understanding of human dignity
    • We interact and collaborate with others to achieve personal and group goals
    • We communicate and engage with individuals and in groups effectively based upon the social situation
    • We build and maintain healthy and productive relationships