Return to School

  • When it is not possible to match virtual students with virtual teachers and in-person students with in-person teachers, live streaming instruction may meet the demands of both in-person and virtual student groups. In this model, a mixture of in-person and virtual students receive instruction from an in-person teacher. Teaching and learning will look mostly similar with in-person learning staying in alignment with health guardrails, and with virtual students joining the classroom remotely. Class sizes of virtual and in-person students combined will not exceed what is allowed in the DCTA Contract.

    DPS has developed guidance for Live Streaming

    Sign up for asynchronous professional learning on Live Streaming guidance. 

MLE Return to School Resources

  • DPS will continue to meet Consent Decree requirements so that MLLs receive appropriate instruction and families are supported throughout full in-person, remote or hybrid learning. 

    To ensure the acceleration of unfinished learning, and in alignment with Consent Decree requirements, all PPF1 students in TNLI and Dual Language schools will continue to receive native language instruction aligned to the Language Allocation Guidelines. ELD and ICLD are Consent Decree requirements and critical levers to accelerate learning for prioritized student groups. In all scenarios, students should continue to receive Dedicated ELD instruction, or an approved ELD Alternative (such as ELD/Language Arts Co-Teaching in grades 6-12). 

    Multilingual Education (MLE) will be available to you throughout this time. If you have any questions, please contact your MLE Partner. If you have any questions regarding technology and digital platforms, please contact your school’s Digital Coach.

    Guidance here has been developed based on our best understanding of guidance from public health and our internal educator-led workgroups and departments. This WILL continue to undergo change as we partner with local public health. Please check back for changes.

  • DPS 2020 Return Implementation Resources

    The Return to School Commons page is the master guidance for all return planning. This page includes key guidance and resources for principals as they plan to welcome students back to school remotely and/or in-person when it is safe to do so. Information will continue to be updated as it becomes available and will be aligned to the Colorado phases of COVID-19.

  • MLE Specific Guidance

    To support our ability to move fluidly across in-person, remote and hybrid learning environments, MLE guidance has been developed to be applicable across all three potential scenarios with minimal change to cohorts and teaching assignments. In this document you will find continually updated guidance, suggestions and requirements for ELD, ICLD, Bilingual Programs, Newcomers, PAC and ISA. 

    Please work with your MLE Partner to ensure successful implementation of ELA Program components.

    Frequently Asked Questions - MLE Specific