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    Student Equity and Opportunity holds the key to student success in school and success in life. Our services range from Special Education, Whole Child Supports, 504 accomodations, mental health, social work, school nurses, Gifted Education, Title programs and more! We strive to provide the highest level of service to our schools, students and families.

  • Evaluations

    Missed Evaluations

    Under Section 504 each school district has a Child Find responsibility to seek out, evaluate and provide services for students with a disability. Regulation requires that the evaluations must occur within 60 days. The school district’s Child Find obligation was NOT waived during the time of remote learning. Teams conducted as much of the evaluation process as possible, nevertheless, there are some assessments that cannot be completed virtually. Teams have to prioritize these assessments upon return. It will be vital that your designated site coordinators and service providers audit all 504 plans to review the status of the procedural pieces.

    Necessary Structures for Evaluations

     SSPs and school teams must have dedicated space to conduct assessments that allow for health and safety. Hallways and closets are not appropriate locations for these evaluations. In addition, SSP’s may have to provide services via livestreaming and will need a private place to deliver these services.  Plexiglass shields that have been ordered need to be made available to staff when they conduct assessments. 

  • Compensatory Services

    Compensatory Services

    During the period of remote learning the Department of Education and the Office for Civil Rights provided guidance that allowed us to develop contingency plans rather than holding a Section 504 meeting to make a significant change of placement. Upon returning to in-person learning, the Section 504 process will resume as normal. School teams will need to determine if a student requires compensatory services to address any services that could not be provided during this time. The special education department just received guidance from the CDE on July 3, 2020.  The Section 504 central team is currently working on DPS specific guidance including a flow chart to help teams determine if a Section 504 meeting will need to be held to address compensatory services. In general, we will be taking a qualitative approach NOT a quantitative approach. This means we will generally not need to match minute to minute missed learning. Teams will need to consider information on regression to determine compensatory services.  

  • Additional 504 resources

    Additional 504 resources:

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