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    The Whole Child Supports team provides service to schools through a variety of programs including Social Emotional Learning, Healthy Schools, Social Workers, School Psychologists, Nursing Services, Health Centers and community partnerships. For more information, visit our public-facing site at wholechild.dpsk12.org

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    We recognize that each person is experiencing the pandemic and the impacts of racial injustice uniquely. To help prepare schools to create safe, trauma-informed and healing centered environments, we have made five recommendations for schools to consider as they reconvene.

    These recommendations capture DPS core values that staff work diligently to uphold every day and we offer them knowing they are in alignment with the discussions that are currently taking place. Remember, for some, the impact of COVID-19 may be traumatizing, but for others, it may not be. As we return to school, consider recent data from DPS here: DPS Snapshot of Mental Health Needs in Response to COVID-19.

  • Whole Child Tiered Support Planning and Template

    Whole Child Tiered Support Planning and Template

    1. Access the Whole Child Tiered Support Planning Template here.
    2. We will begin populating the document during July Leadership Week.
    3. Continue to populate the structure using the resources below and with your school team.

  • Recommendations and Resources

    Recommendations and Resources

    To support implementation of our 5 recommendations for Whole Child reengagement, please utilize the resources from our Whole Child Reengagement Support Guide.

  • Resource bank
    School staff can access district support - either long-term planning or immediate assistance by clicking on the links below:



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