Post-Election Support and Resources

  • The results of the presidential and state election may have a significant impact on our students, families and staff members. Students and adults are experiencing added stress this year caused by a global pandemic and racial unrest, and we anticipate the election may cause an increase in feelings of uncertainty. As a trauma-informed district, we value the social and emotional wellness of our school community and want to ensure staff, students and families are supported during this time. We are also committed to being a Safe and Welcoming School District for all students and families. 

    This year's election date was Tuesday, Nov. 3. We have previously shared information on how to practice your civic duty while also following guidelines that apply to public employees — click here to learn more


Staff Support

Supports for Families

  • If guardians need additional support or assistance in accessing any of these resources, please direct them to reach out to the Family and Community Helpline at 720-423-3054 or