Who Can Answer Individual Special Education Questions?

  • If a student or family has questions about their child’s support in Special Education (SPED), below are the individuals to direct them to:

    1. The school’s Staffing Chair. 

    The Staffing Chair can answer any questions about SPED and assign a Case Manager to the student if they do not have one yet. 

    2. Case Manager.

    Every student in SPED has one point of contact for their parents, called their Case Manager, who manages everything related to SPED for the student. Every parent should know who their student’s case manager is -- if they don’t, they should contact their school. All questions should start first with the Case Manager. 

    3. Individual Education Program (IEP) Team. 

    Every child has an Individual Education Program team unique to that child’s needs, which includes the Case Manager, the parent and a general education teacher, among others. Individuals on the IEP team can help parents navigate their child's support plans. 

    4. Supervisor of SPED at the school. 

    The supervisor could be the school’s principal, assistant principal, dean of instruction or administrative assistant. Contact the supervisor of SPED at the school if you don’t find resolution from the Case Manager or the IEP team. 

    5. Special Education Instructional Specialist (SEIS)

    The SEIS is the designated director for SPED at the child’s school. Contact the SEIS if you don’t find resolution from the case manager, IEP team or the supervisor of SPED. 

    To find important SPED contacts by school, click here.



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