Pay-for-Performance and Salary Increases

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    Eligible DPS employees may receive a pay increase through the annual pay-for-performance programs or a cost of living adjustment (COLA). The DPS salary budget for the COLA and pay-for-performance increases is determined by the Superintendent, approved by the Board of Education, and is contingent on the overall financial status of the school district.


  • Career Tech Instructors

    Details regarding salary setting, pay increases, and incentives for Career Tech Instructors are available by clicking here.

  • Central Business Office and School-based ProTechs

    Click here for information for employees eligible for the Leadership Investment Framework for Talent (LIFT) are eligible for pay-for-performance increases during the annual review process designated by DPS.

  • Other Employee Associations

    Employees who are part of an Employee Association will receive a step and grade or COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) determined in the negotiation process. Longevity is also extra pay awarded by Denver Public Schools to thank employees who work a predetermined number of consecutive years within a specific bargaining unit. Longevity payments are not guaranteed and are only awarded if the corresponding Employee Association approves longevity payments after an employee becomes eligible.

    Denver Public Schools has nine (9) Employee Associations:

    1. ATU: Amalgamated Transit Union

    2. ABGW: Association of Building, Grounds, and Warehouse

    3. CWOA: Custodial Workers of America

    4. DAEOP: Denver Association of Educational Office Professionals

    5. DCTA: Denver Classroom Teachers Association

    6. CFSSP: Colorado Federation of School Safety Professionals

    7. FMA: Facility Managers Association

    8. DFPNSE: Denver Federation for Paraprofessionals and Nutrition Service Employees

    9. VTF: Vocational Teachers Federation

  • School Leaders

    In order to meet the number one goal of the Denver Plan 2020, having great schools in every neighborhood, Denver Public Schools is committed to making school leadership a top priority. As part of our efforts to recruit, reward and retain the best leaders for the schools of Denver, we recently updated our principal compensation system.

    The new system is designed to reward high performers, incentivize leaders working in our highest-needs schools, offer competitive wages at all levels (elementary, middle and secondary) and outperform neighboring districts in the metro area.

    Base pay increases for all school leaders are based on LEAD year-end evaluation score, level of school leader performance, and the salary range quartile in which the school leader’s salary falls. For more information on the School Leader growth and performance system, click here. For more information on School Leader compensation, click here