Financial Literacy Resources

  • This year the Denver Youth Employment Program (DYEP) is partnering with The Denver Office of Financial Empowerment and Protections (OFEP) and the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) to provide financial resources, coaching, and more to help further your financial education.

  • During Application and Onboarding

    Do some reading!
    Looking for quick information on successfully managing your finances? Click on the links below to access 2-page documents on various financial literacy topics:

    Get Banked! 

    DYEP is excited to partner with Bank of America and Westerra Credit Union to be able to support our youth in better understanding the importance of being and staying banked!

    Paycards are a convienent and easy opition to get your money but did you know you can save more by opening a bank account? Make your money work for you by taking the easy steps to open up a checking and savings account today! 

    We highly recommend signing up for a bank account prior to onboarding to be able to sign up for direct deposit. Paycards are available to those who do not have a bank account. 

    Bank of America 

    Bank of America Student Bank Account Sign Up

    Westerra Credit Union

    Financial Literacy Hub

    Westerra Credit Union Checking Account Sign Up

  • During Job Readiness Training

    Financial Literacy with ECMC

    ECMC Learning is a financial wellness center that will teach students all about personal finance. Accounts set up by students are free "lifelong" accounts to provide timely information for each stage of life. Take the free Financial Basics online course from ECMC. Click here to register. This one hour course will be required for all enrolled DYEP participants as part of your Job Readiness Training.

    This self-paced course takes about one hour to complete and will give you valuable information on topics such as:  

    • Financial Health for Students
    • Budgeting
    • Tracking Your Spending
    • Banks and Credit Unions
    • Checking Accounts
    • Credit vs. Debit Cards
    • Managing Accounts
    • Avoiding Fees
    • Credit Reports and Scores
    • Students and Credit Cards
    • Understanding Chronic Credit Card Debt
    • Building Credit
    • Protecting Your Digital Information
    • Identity Theft
    • Setting Financial Goals

    Do you have questions about the Financial Basics online course? Contact Chevy Lowe at 

    My Money Matters hosted by Michael "Money Mike" Burnett!

    Throughout your summer experience we'll be updating our site to include new financial literacy content from our Financial Coach Michael "Money Mike" Burnett! Don't miss out on these truly great tips, information and experiences on how to not only make money but to to save better, spend wiser and set yourself up for success with guidance from an expert of the space! 

    Introduction to Financial Coaching - Meet Money Mike!

    Click here to watch the Intro to Money Mike Video

    Values Around Money

    Click here to watch the video on Values Around Money

    Ways to Make Money

    Click here to watch Ways to Make Money


    Click here to watch Taxes

    Savings - TBA

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    Budgeting - TBA

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    Bankings - TBA

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    Short Term Goals PT1 /Long Term Goals Pt2 - TBA

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    Credit - TBA

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    Investing - TBA

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    Participate in a live virtual training with a Financial Empowerment Coach.
    This interactive session will help you better understand your beliefs about money and provide information and guidance on how to set up a bank account. More information on when this event will happen will be forthcoming and will be led by Michael Burnett of the Office of Financial Empowerment and Protection.

  • Any Time...

    Explore other financial education resources.

    If you want to do a deeper dive on the topics above, or simply learn about how to navigate specific financial situations, click on the links below. 

    Do you have questions about the ECMS online courses? Contact Chevy Lowe at 

    Schedule a free one-on-one financial coaching session.
    Do you have financial questions or want support in setting financial goals, budgeting, accessing a bank account or anything else related to money management? Schedule a free coaching session with Michael Burnett of the Office of Financial Empowerment and Protection at phone: 720-944-2498 or email: