How DPS Benefits You

  • Recent Highlights and Updates

    Here in DPS, we are committed to helping all team members feel supported as people as we all work together professionally to support our students. Central to this commitment is ensuring we offer a Total Rewards package that meets the varying needs of our staff and their families, and recognizes the contributions and talent of our team. 

    As we enter into the second week of Open Enrollment, the Benefits team has stepped back to reflect on how DPS has worked to provide a competitive and comprehensive rewards structure and to address the challenges of rising health care costs and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent updates and enhancements are outlined below.

    While these highlights demonstrate our focus on continual improvement, we recognize that supporting our team is an ongoing and collaborative effort. We look forward to partnering with Team DPS to ensure we benefit you in the ways that matter most. 


    Health, Dental, Vision and Supplemental Benefits

    DPS is proud to offer robust health, dental, vision and supplemental benefits, and to ensure offerings remain competitive and are provided at the lowest possible cost to our team. Recent highlights include:  

    • DPS transition to Self-Funded Benefits (2020).
      • The Benefits Board’s decision to move to Self-Funding has saved employees millions in medical costs. Rates would be 28% higher for next school year (FY23) if we were still fully insured.
      • In 2020-21, DPS lowered the increase cost in health premiums from 6% to 4.4%.
      • In 2021-22, DPS lowered the increase in health care costs from 4.4% to 2%
      • COVID had a significant impact on claims costs in 2020-21. DPS contributed an additional 2.6 million to medical claims, instead of passing the cost on to employees.  
    • DPS offers new, low-cost medical plan (2022).
      • Employees can pay less for health insurance this enrollment year by selecting the new MotivHealth plan.
      • The MotivHealth plan features richer benefits (lower deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, out-of-network benefit, specialty pharmacy savings) than the Kaiser/Aetna plans.
    • DPS reduces the cost of health care through benefit credits, medical subsidies and HSA contributions.
      • Well Aware allows employees to earn an additional $200/year.
      • DPS contributes over 70% of the total cost of health benefits. Employees cover 30% of costs (not including HSA contributions).
      • 60% of teachers are on plans that cost less than $12/month for employee-only health insurance coverage.
      • DPS offers an additional $193/month to help employees cover health insurance for their children.
      • Free HSA dollars for enrolling in DPS medical plans. Employees are rewarded with up to $870/year in HSA dollars just for enrolling in our consumer-driven health plans.
    • Benefit credit increases in 2021-22.
      • Hourly bus drivers now get full-time benefit credits.
      • Vocational Teachers can work part time and receive benefit credits (prorated by FTE, effective July 1, 2022).
    • Employees have not seen rate increases for dental and vision benefits since 2018 and will not see rate increases for another two years.  
      • Supplemental Benefits, such as Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity, have expanded with no additional cost.
      • New in July 2022: Birthing mothers can receive a payout for overnight stays in the hospital. 


    COVID-19 Prompts Enhancements to Sick and Leave Policies 

    The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic also presented an opportunity to focus on enhancing our sick and leave policies, providing ample time for self care and for the care of others. 

    •  DPS addressed COVID with generous time off and healthcare policies.
      • All employees will earn one hour of sick time for every 20 hours worked.
      • Hourly employees who have never accrued sick time will now accrue sick time.
      • Employees who have additional hourly paid assignments will now accrue sick time for hours worked on those assignments. 
      • Sick time will be accrued for extra duty pay.
      • Every employee can accrue up to 96 hours of sick time per school year (Aug. 1-July 31).  
      • All employees are guaranteed 80 hours of COVID emergency time.
      • DPS no longer requires sick day donations for participation in the Sick Leave Bank; all employees are now auto-enrolled to accrue time.
      • Policy adjusted to ensure the Sick Leave Bank is used prior to any sick, vacation, or personal accruals when an employee of DPS tests positive for COVID.
      • Employees can use the Sick Leave Bank to care for family members that have contracted COVID. 
      • Telehealth appointments were provided to employees at no cost through January 2021.


    Recognizing Juneteenth as a Districtwide Holiday

    Juneteenth was officially recognized in 2021 as an annual federal holiday to commemorate June 19, 1865 -- a date celebrated throughout the country to recognize the end of slavery and honor the culture and achievements of Black and African Americans. In 2022, DPS added Juneteenth as a paid districtwide holiday. Like with other holidays, employees required to work on the day earn the holiday premium pay. 


    And That’s Not All… 

    DPS’ comprehensive benefits package provides a variety of options to support the physical, emotional and financial well-being of Team DPS, and their dependents. The benefits program is overseen by the Benefits Board, which is made of representatives from all employee associations (unions). The Benefits Board regularly reviews and approves changes to our benefits program, and evaluates the program to ensure we are providing you with competitive benefits in a cost-effective manner.

    Learn more about the complete benefits package here.