References and Maps

  • This page contains reference documents including district-level maps, DPS school numbers and names, and feeder patterns for each school that has a boundary.

    District-level maps of school boundaries by Ed. level

    Current Year (2018-19)


    School Change document

    The school change document is a resource created by the Planning department to track upcoming school program changes that have been approved by the Board of Education. This list will be updated as needed.

    School list

    The school list is to be used as a reference document for DPS school numbers and names. Please note that this list is subject to change.

    Boundary feeder patterns

    Feeder patterns provide information on student advancement from one level to another within a particular boundary based on residing address. This chart provides information on school feeder patterns only. It does NOT indicate school progression for individual students. An elementary school may feed to multiple middle schools and a middle school may feed to multiple high schools. Resident school assignment at elementary, middle and high school is based solely on home address.


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