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    Our mission

    Our mission is to stimulate and support innovation across Denver, to transform learning and public education systems.

    Who we are

    The Imaginarium is the official Denver Public Schools Innovation Lab. Our team uses design thinking and research and development methods to facilitate a process to stimulate transformative innovation at the school level and throughout DPS.

    Students, educators, administrators and other members in the DPS community bring ideas for classroom and school level innovation to us, and we help make it happen. If you can dream it, and it is in support of the Denver 2020 plan, we can prototype it!

    How we support Team DPS

    In the Imaginarium, we support people who dare to explore creative solutions to challenging problems and see opportunities where others see walls. We do this because we believe transformation is not only possible, but also imperative in the relentless pursuit of educational equity. We also do this because we know that anyone -- yes, ANYONE -- can create. Even you! Creativity is a boundless resource, and we’re putting it to work. Come join us.

    What does creativity look like in daily operation?

    Our programs and events consist of school design programs for leadership teams, design thinking workshops, design challenges, summer labs where teachers can try new lessons, peer to peer learning programs and much more.  

    Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.” - Ken Robinson
    A special shout out to the following friends and partners that have influenced our model and work: McRel International2Revolutions, Education Resource Strategies, National Center for Time and Learning, Mia Peterson, 4.0 Schools, E-Myth International, Opportunity Culture, Summit Schools, Laura Kanterfellows, Christine DeLeon, Gates Next Generation Systems Initiative and many, many more. Innovation happens when diverse ideas play together. Thank you for your collaboration.


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