DPS Transformers

  • We have 60 DPSTransformers that have partnered with the Culture, Equity and Leadership Team to guide our decision making as we transform OurDPS culture to ensure Every Child Succeeds. 

    The DPSTransformers represent our 92,000 students and over 11,000 educators. The DPSTransformers:

    • Meet as a team four times per year
    • Help drive Our DPS culture transformation efforts by being a change champion.
    • Collaborate as a group to inform our mission, vision and values work across our district as we make DPS the best place for all to learn, grow and have a positive impact.

    “The work DPSTransformers is doing is so important to the overall health of our organization and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to build relationships with people from across the district. The conversations are engaging and allow for many ideas to be brought to light from multiple perspectives.” Stacy P. Miller, Principal, Noel Community Arts School

    2016-2017 cohort

    2017 Transformers

    2015-2016 cohort

    DPS Transformers 2016

    2014-2015 cohort

    2015 Transformers