Impact Office

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    Who we are
    In direct support of the District's Vision, the purpose of the Impact Office is to lead the identification and design of the highest impact strategies to break patterns of inequity, create a coherent system of implementation, evaluation, continuous improvement and innovation that ensures our collective work achieves the necessary impact to ensure all students excel and thrive by design.

    We pursue our purpose as a team by

    • Creating the conditions for optimal decision making
    • Inviting all partners in the defining and calibrating “impact”
    • Actively supporting identification of the few, highest impact strategies, and we execute with excellence on fewer things by maintaining our focus and leveraging a rigorous, coherent system of continuous improvement. 
    • Serving as a thought and action partner to SLT and departments in implementing and improving highest impact strategies.
    • Monitoring progress, surfacing opportunities and gaps to continuously improve to ensure positive impact for kids.
    • Provide a clear, objective look at whether DPS is getting the results we need to ensure impact for kids


  • Impact Office
    1860 Lincoln St., 12th Floor
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     Amy Keltner
    Amy Keltner
    Chief Impact Officer

    Brittany Barela
    Site Manager