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Avoid Pcard Accountability Points

The following was sent to district purchasing cardholders via e-mail.

District Pcard user,

Thank you for your continued support and active participation in the District Pcard program.

In lieu of a Pcard audit for the most recent billing cycle ending December 26th and  in an effort to assist users we have put together some helpful tips that will ensure you are maximizing the benefits of the Pcard program for your specific purchasing needs and avoiding the assessment of accountability points. 

  • Your PaymentNet log in credentials should not be given to anyone for any reason. Transactions reviewed, approved or any notes with your log in will be associated to you even if you allowed another user to log in under your name. Likewise, you are the only authorized user of your Pcard. Allowing someone else to use this card constitutes fraud and accountability points will be assessed.
  • The billing cycle runs the 26th-25th of each month unless the 25th falls on a holiday or weekend
  • The Pcard reconciliation deadline is 5pm on the 1st business day of every month following the cycle end date, after which account code changes and approvals cannot be processed in PaymentNet. Receipts and applicable transaction notes should still be added.
  • Utilize transaction queries to double check that all transactions have been reviewed, account codes updated and receipts attached
  • Denver Public Schools is tax exempt. Double check that your purchases are not being charged tax or work with the vendor and provide notes in PaymentNet regarding taxes that will be refunded. You will be assessed accountability points for all undocumented transactions with tax.
  • If you have requested a purchase limit increase, you must upload the signed and completed Pcard Credit Limit Adjustment Form to the transaction in PaymentNet. Omitting this form will result in accountability points.
  • All Apple and Dell purchases are prohibited on the Pcard. This includes but is not limited to: chargers and adapters, repairs, iTunes cards, and other product purchases.. Accountability points will be assessed for violating this policy.
  • We offer one-on-one additional training and are happy to schedule this with you based on your needs. In order to do so, please contact

As a reminder, if your Pcard has been suspended due to the accrual of accountability points please review the reinstatement steps below to ensure your card suspension period is as short as possible.

In order for your Pcard to be reinstated, all steps below must be completed:

  1. Read the Pcard Handbook in its entirety to familiarize yourself with Pcard policies and procedures
  2. Complete the Pcard reinstatement training with a score of 100%
  3. Provide missing transaction documentation, support to show the reimbursement of tax or other relevant transaction documentation by attaching to the corresponding transaction in PaymentNet
  4. Complete The Pcard reinstatement application and submit with your training certificate to Although your Pcard will be suspended immediately after 50 points have been assessed, the actual three month suspension will not begin until all steps above have been completed. 

Please contact with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for your time 


Corrie Contreras, CPCP
Manager, Purchasing Card Program
Denver Public Schools