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Important Changes to District Pcard Program

As you are aware, the DPS Board of Education has approved a change in policy on purchasing levels for price quotes and formal competitive bids.  This will also result in some changes to your District Purchasing card effective July 1.

  • The per transaction limit to be reduced to $3499 from $5000; your overall credit limit will not change.
  • In accordance with Uniform Grant Guidance Guidelines and District policy, Pcard limit adjustment requests for purchases greater than $3500 require two price quotes in addition to the Pcard limit adjustment form

Additionally, due to new Colorado Department of Education (CDE) requirements, rental vehicles must be preapproved. Rental vehicle companies will be blocked from all Pcards and only available for use with preapproval. Guidance and requirements for transporting students has been provided by the CDE and Risk Management. You can also find the Rental Vehicle Request form here.

A revised handbook has been published and is available to view here. Please be sure to review the handbook for revised District requirements and additional links to user guides that will assist you in getting the most out of your Pcard.


As a reminder you will receive a new J.P. Morgan Commercial Card to replace your existing card. If you have a magnetic stripe card, you will receive your card now through September 2017.

What’s changing?

  • Your expiration date will be revised to expire one year later than your original expiration date.
  • Your Customer Verification Value (the three-digit code on the back of the card) will be new.
  • If you have your card on file with any suppliers, you need to update this information.

How will my card be delivered to me?

  • All replacement cards will be mailed to 780 Grant St
  • We will coordinate various locations to pick up your replacements card and send a schedule of the pick up locations/times as well as post this schedule on the Commons website

How long can I use my old card?

  • Your old card will remain active for 45 days from the date your replacement card was mailed or until you activate your replacement card.
  • Note: You cannot use both your old card and your new replacement card simultaneously.

Additional communication regarding the replacement of your current Pcard will be forthcoming.

Please direct any questions or concerns to