Student Growth


* State Measures will not be used for the 23-24 school year.

Student Growth measures how teaching impacts student academic learning and growth. When taken into account with other measures of teacher performance, student academic outcomes provide a more holistic picture of the learning that results from teacher actions over the course of a year. The LEAP system utilizes multiple measures of student academic growth, including:

  • State Growth: Measures the growth of each teacher’s students on state tests. This applies to teachers who instruct in the state-tested subject areas of English Language Arts and Math. 

  • Student Learning Objectives (SLOs): Measures students’ progress toward mastery of the Colorado Academic Standards and includes multiple sources of evidence, such as interim assessments, performance tasks and unit assessments. Learn more on SLO section in The Commons

  • School Growth: 10% Collective Measure= school-wide SLO Percent of Points Earned for SY 23-24


By assessing multiple areas of each teacher’s performance, LEAP creates a robust method for capturing a teacher’s performance effectiveness. Rooted in the shared core value of “Students First,” the LEAP system provides a framework for recognizing that, as professionals, teachers and school leaders require (and deserve) clear standards of performance, honest assessments of their strengths and areas for growth, helpful feedback and support for further development.

Logistics & Timing:
SLOs are set in the fall and end-of-course levels are finalized in the spring. If applicable, state growth calculations are generated using the past three years of student data and are available at mid-year (January).

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