Preparing Your School for the 2020-21 School Year

Due to COVID-19, Transportation Services is operating differently. Please click here to learn about all the changes. We also won't be providing activity buses until social distancing guidelines loosen.


Typical New School Year Action Items

Helpful steps that your school can take to be prepared for the first day of school

Identify a Transportation Ambassador

A school administrator who will serve as a point-of-contact for your school to receive training on requesting excursions (Trip Tracker), requesting and tracking +Passes, and receiving route information prior to the first week of school from our Routing Department. As a reminder, bus stop and time information should not be shared with families or students who are not eligible to ride the bus, as doing so causes over capacity situations that causes delays and safety concerns. If a school does not receive route information prior to the start of school, please email 

Help Families access Parent Portal

For eligible students not riding the Success Express Shuttles, bus route information will be available in the Parent Portal beginning in late July/early August. If a student does not have bus information in his/her student record, chances are he/she is not eligible for transportation and the family should complete the online Transportation Exception Request form via the Portal. Once a student is approved as an Exception Rider, they will be added to the manifest for that route. An Early Submission Window will open in mid-July and run through mid-August. Families who submit a request during this time frame will receive a response by early September. The submission window will open again in mid-September. Exact dates will be released via transportation’s website in June. All decisions on Exception Requests will be communicated via email to the submitter’s email. For students riding the Success Express Shuttles, schedules are available in late July/early August at

Register for MFSAB Training

Identify and register any school staff that needs training on the Multi-Functional School Activity Buses. For additional information and training dates visit and click on the training page.

Develop your School/Campus Transportation Plan

Campus Transportation Plans outline safe arrival and dismissal procedures for bus riders, bikers, walkers and commuters coming to your school. These plans are shared with your families in order to promote efficiency and safety around your school or campus. Schools interested in creating a Campus Transportation Plan should reach out to Transportation Services beginning in July to ensure a plan is ready for families at the start of the school year.

Communicate with us

Email any questions or concerns to so that we can assist you and your families. You can also find helpful information for families at

Special Education Transportation for 2020-21

About the Process

Special Education teachers play a vital role in setting up transportation services for students with disabilities. Families of students with special needs, whose IEP has transportation as a related service, should tart the process by reaching out to their student’s special needs teacher. An online 1066 form must be completed by the student’s teacher, or school representative, and submitted to DPS Student Equity and Opportunity (SE&O). Once the form has been received, the SE&O support partner will coordinate transportation with DPS Transportation Services directly. All forms and questions should be submitted to your SE&O support partner directly. The online form can be found at

Timeline for Processing Transportation Requests

Once the SE&O OSII submits the request to Transportation Services, it can take up to 10 business days to process the request. This time frame can take longer if address and contact information is not up-to-date. In order to assist with reducing the delay of transportation arrangements at the start of the school year, families of students with special needs will receive notification reminders during the summer months, to make sure that their information is up-to-date.

Who to Contact

All questions about the process of setting up and maintaining special education transportation must go to your SE&O support partner directly via a school representative. Please encourage families to work with you and only reach out to Transportation Services directly to submit feedback on a driver (, or report student absences.

Reporting Student Absences:

  • Students riding Yellow Bus: 720-423-4624 DPS Radio Dispatch
  • Students using American Logistics Company 855-292-4364, option 1

Additional information about this process can be found at

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