Graduation Requirements for Class of 2021

  •  Exclamation point icons To allow for flexibility for students and schools, while maintaining equity as our core identity and rigorous expectations for students, DPS will allow schools to use the graduation requirements from Class of 2020 (as outlined in Board Policy IKF) for graduating students in the Class of 2021. Class of 2021 Graduates must also meet the ICAP requirement. This is reserved for 2021 graduates only. 
  • 2021 Unit Requirements

    Successful completion of 24 units is required for Class of 2021 students, with no expectation of credit waivers for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • 2021 ICAP Requirements

    ICAP is required for students in grades 9-12.

    ICAP Resources:

    The ICAP curriculum has been updated, and can be found with additional resources, including videos, here. Schools should utilize ICAP, work based learning and partners to engage students in relevancy of coursework and lighten the load on teacher planning.

  • Credit Recovery for 10th-12th grade students

    Schools should prioritize opportunities for credit recovery for 10th-12th grade students. Students should be working on any remaining No Credit or “NC” grades from Spring 2020 on Edgenuity throughout the next year. Central office teams will support schools to have access to student lists that can help identify students who received no credit in a course for spring 2020. Leaders should be sure to use these reports to supplement the information in the On Track to Graduate Tool. Infinite campus reports in the Grading and Standards section in the Index may also be helpful.

Graduation Requirements for Class of 2022 and Beyond

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    During the 2020-21 school year, the district, school and students must prioritize the 2022 graduation guidelines, taking advantage of the opportunity to accelerate unfinished learning, engage our students who need the most support and improve and refine systems in support of students in the Class of 2022 and beyond.

  • Summary of Requirements

    As outlined in Board Policy IKF, all students in the Class of 2022 and beyond must:

    • Successfully complete 24 units of credit.
    • Complete their ICAP.
    • Demonstrate competency in English and math through a DPS-approved competency demonstration option.

  • Competency Demonstration Availability

    Competency Option Availability in Remote, Hybrid and In-Person Learning Scenarios

    Competency Demonstration Option for Class of 2022 and Beyond  Fall 2020 

    Accuplacer Next Generation

    ACCUPLACER testing options during COVID-19 restrictions are  available, in-person and remotely. See information here.

    American College Testing (ACT)

    Information TBD

    Advanced Placement (AP)

    Likely to be available remotely in Spring 2021


    Limited availability - in person only

    Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

    Available remote, hybrid, in-person

    International Baccalaureate (IB)

    Spring 2021 IB examinations have been scheduled. “The IB will continue to update schools with timely guidance ahead of the May 2021 session. Please check back regularly for updates.”

    Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

    In partnership with College Board and CDE, DPS supported a make-up adminstration on Oct 27.

    Planning for spring adminstration is ongoing.

    ACT WorkKeys

    Limited availability - in person only

    Capstone - Math and Literacy

    Available remote, hybrid, in-person

    Capstone - Career Readiness

    Available remote, hybrid, in-person

    Please refer to this deck for more information about competency demonstration accessibility and priorities.

  • April

    Career and College Success School Teams - April 8th, 2021

    Objective: Discuss successes and challenges in our urgent need to address for credit recovery ahead of graduation for our class of 2021 students

    Materials: Deck and Recording

    Data Resources: 3.19 Incomplete Data Report (to make a copy of the report) for a school wide view with demographic breakdowns

  • March


    • Ground in the importance of competency demonstration opportunities, specifically the curriculum-embedded district capstones, as a key lever in best-first instruction and credit attainment.
    • Review critical policy updates for high school course grades. 
    • Understand how to leverage updated Capstone literacy and math reporting tools to inform educator actions.
    • Action plan for Class of 2022 competency demonstrations.

    Materials and Resources: Schoology Course with all Materials and Recording

District Capstones

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    All DPS Capstones are accessible and should be prioritized during remote learning. Remote learning does not prevent students from completing the Math, Literacy and/or Career Capstone. All students are to complete Math and Literacy Capstone tasks unless competency has been demonstrated through a different menu option. 

    See below for additional information on the Capstone Dashboard that is now available in the On Track to Graduate (OTG) Tool.



Student On Track to Graduate Report Resources

    The Student OTG Report summarizes individual student progress toward graduation across our three graduation requirements: ICAP, coursework and competency completion.
    We will share more information on the official launch date in late January or early February Leader Weekly editions
    To prepare ILT members and teachers for the rollout, we have created a Student OTG Toolkit, which includes a screencast, FAQ document and translated parent communications letters.
    Reports will be automatically available in all consent decree languages. If you find discrepancies in the OTG data, please submit a DOTS Service Desk ticket.


  • Please contact your manager, principal or operational superintendent with questions.

Key Resources

  • Graduation Requirements Guidance
    Graduation Requirements Implementation 2020-21
    ICAP Resources