Who We Are

  • Team DPS is made up of more than 15,000 educators who work directly or indirectly with our schools to educate our students and prepare them for college and career. Led by Superintendent Alex Marrero, and our District Leadership Team and Board of Education, we all strive to achieve our common vision: Every Learner Thrives.Who_We_Are

    Here at DPS, all employees are considered educators.

    Our 207 schools include:

    • 95 Elementary Schools
    • 32 Middle Schools
    • 13 6-12 Schools
    • 43 High Schools
    • 17 ECE-8 or K-8 Schools
    • 3 ECE-12 or K-12 Schools
    • 4 ECE-K Schools

    Who do we serve?

    As DPS educators, we have the privilege to serve more than 90,000 students and their families across 207 schools.

    • There are 170 languages spoken among our students and families.
    • 62% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch.
    • 37% of our students are English learners.
    • 9% of our students are Gifted and Talented learners. 
    • 12% of our students have special needs.
    • Our students are made up of many different races and ethnicities, including:
      • 52.4% Latinx
      • 25.6% White
      • 13.8% African-American
      • 3.2% Asian
      • 4% Two or more races
      • 0.7% Native Indian or Alaska Native
      • 0.4% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

    What do we believe?Who_We_Are_2

    In response to COVID-19, the Denver Board of Education identified Crisis Priorities to address the challenges of education amid a pandemic. As we move beyond the crisis, the Board has reaffirmed a commitment to our core areas of focus, and established Transition Priorities for the 2021-22 school year. We are working to apply what we have learned throughout the pandemic to build the future of DPS.


    How we will get there

    Our commitment to Equity:

    • Racial and Educational Equity is our collective responsibility. We will achieve equity when we dismantle deeply rooted systems of oppression that have historically resulted in inequitable access and distribution of opportunities and resources for those who represent marginalized identities, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, language and ability. We will create conditions where we all belong, are included, have a clear purpose and have the autonomy to lead in our respective areas. By creating these conditions, we will eliminate the predictability of success or failure for our students and team members.

    And our Shared Core Values:

    • Students First: We put our kids’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.
    • Integrity: We tell the truth, and we keep our promises.
    • Equity: We celebrate our diversity and will provide the necessary resources and support to eliminate barriers to success, and foster a more equitable future for all our kids.
    • Collaboration: Together as a team, we think, we work and we create in order to reach our goals.
    • Accountability: We take responsibility for our individual and collective commitments, we grow from success, and we learn from failure.
    • Fun: We celebrate the joy in our work and foster in our students a joy and passion for learning to last their whole lives.