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    Back Row: Amy Friedhaber, Gary Zaharatos, Marcela Yañez-Martinez, Noah Tonk, Stacey Sheehan-Block, Lisa Garcia Simms, and Christina Lieberman. Front Row: Lisa Hogan, Connie Navarro, Marlyn Ruiz, Silvia Curiel-Torres, Bridgett Bird, Kellianne Rothwell, and Denise Vanderhurst.

    The Growth and Performance Team is dedicated to the operations and management of all evaluation systems across Denver Public Schools (DPS). 

    DPS growth and performance systems are designed to provide clear, inclusive, and equitable expectations to support the growth and development of all team members and achieve our vision of Every Learner Thrives.

    Frameworks/systems we support are listed below with employee eligibility information. All relevant resources can be accessed from the green menu bar.


     Framework Eligibility Information

  • Classified Reimagined (Education Support Professionals)

    DPS Education Support Professionals (ESP)/Classified Employee Groups.
    This list is not all inclusive of every ESP/Classified job title within DPS.

    List of eligible employees 

    • Accounting Technicians 
    • Accounts Payable Specialists 
    • Building, Grounds and Maintenance Workers 
    • Bus Drivers
    • Bus Mechanics 
    • Crew Chiefs
    • Custodians (day and night shift)
    • Educator Interns 
    • Facility Managers 
    • Food Service Managers 
    • Food Service Workers 
    • Library Technicians 
    • Office Support I, II & III, Hourly 
    • Paraprofessionals 
    • Patrol Officers
    • Payroll Technician III 
    • SCC Technicians 
    • School Operations Manager
    • Truck Drivers 
    • Warehouse Workers

  • LEAD (School Leaders)

    The Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) evaluation is used for school leaders.

    Eligible employees:

    • Principals
    • Assistant Principals
    • Deans
    • Leader of Others

  • LEAP (Teachers)

    The Leading Effective Academic Practice (LEAP) evaluation is used for teachers.

    Eligible Employees:

  • CPE (Teacher Exceptions)

    Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE) is used for teacher position exceptions.

    Eligible Employees:

    • Student Advisors/Administrative Assistant
    • Staff Developer/Facilitator
    • School Librarian
    • Teachers on Special Assignment

  • LIFT (Central Office)

    The Leadership Investment Framework for Talent (LIFT) evaluation is used for all non-union central office employees.

    Eligible employees:

    • Non-union (unaffiliated) Central Office team members
    • Team members who report to a Central Office manager 
    • Team members funded by a Central Office budget

  • SSP GPS (Special Service Providers)

    The SSP GPS evaluation is used for Special Service Providers.

    Eligible employees:

    • Audiologists
    • DHH Teachers
    • Educational Interpreters
    • GT, ECSE, SPED Itinerant Teachers
    • Nurses
    • Occupational Therapists & Physical Therapists
    • School Counselors
    • Psychologists
    • Speech Pathologists
    • Social Workers
    • Teachers of Visually Imparired & Orientation & Mobility Specialists



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