• 2023-24 Yead-end Newsletter Schedule

    As a reminder, newsletters take a hiatus over summer break. If you are submitting content to newsletters during the month of May, please review each newsletter's end date and submission deadline.

    • Leader Weekly: The last edition will be sent on Tuesday, June 11. The deadline to submit is noon, Thursday, June 6. Leader Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume the week of July Leadership Week (July 30-Aug. 2).
    • Teacher Weekly: The last edition will be sent on Wednesday, May 29. The deadline to submit is noon, Thursday, May 23. Teacher Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume Aug. 14.

    • Team DPS Weekly: The last edition will be sent on Thursday, May 30. The deadline to submit is noon, Tuesday, May 28. Team DPS Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume Aug. 22.

    • Our DPS Weekly: The last edition will be sent on Friday, May 31. Our DPS Weekly is tentatively scheduled to resume Aug. 23.

    • Manager Monthly: Editions will continue to be sent throughout the summer every third Wednesday of the month.

    If you have questions, email newsletters@dpsk12.org.

Newsletter Submissions

  • Communications publishes a variety of newsletters each week, designed to share important updates and keep team members informed and engaged with DPS. Each newsletter is tailored to a specific groups of team members -- from teachers to school leaders to all employees -- and the timing for distribution helps ensure that all audiences receive the information they need, when they need it. If you would like to submit information to be considered for inclusion in one of the newsletters, please see the below submission guidance and complete the appropriate submission form by clicking on the newsletter name in the left navigation.

    For questions, please email newsletters@dpsk12.org

    Newsletter Submission Guidelines

  • 1. Deadlines for most newsletters are THURSDAYS AT NOON.

    Submissions past the deadline will be placed in the following week's newsletter.

  • 2. Limit submissions to 125 words.

    Additional details can be found on each newsletter's submission form.

  • 3. Submissions are limited to one original and one reminder blurb.

    Avoiding duplicate or repetitive content keeps our newsletters efficient and reader-friendly.

  • 4. Submitters must review and approve their submissions before distribution.

    Submissions will first be reviewed and edited by the Communications department. Then, we will send the revised submission back to the submitter for review and approval before distribution.

  • 5. Late submissions will be included on a case-by-case basis.

    If you have a late submission that is urgent, please email newsletters@dpsk12.org.

  • Newsletter Submission Deadlines

    Leader Weekly banner

    Leader Weekly Newsletter

    • Audience: Instructional Leader Team (ILT) Members, Principals, Assistant Principals, Senior Teacher Leads, Deans
    • Submission Deadline: Thursdays at noon
    • Delivery Day: The following Tuesday at 6 a.m.

      Submit to Leader Weekly

    Teacher Weekly Banner

    Teacher Weekly Newsletter

    Team DPS Weekly Banner

    Team DPS Weekly Newsletter

    • Audience: All DPS employees
    • Submission Deadline: Tuesday at noon
    • Delivery Day: The following Thursday at 6 a.m.

      Submit to Team DPS Weekly

    Our DPS Weekly banner

    Our DPS Weekly Newsletter

    • Audience: All DPS employees, families and community members
    • Submission Deadline: End-of-day Thursdays
    • Delivery Day: Friday afternoons

      Submit to Our DPS Weekly

    Manager Monthly Banner

    Manager Monthly Newsletter

    • Audience: All DPS managers and above who do not work at schools
    • Submission Deadline: Second Thursday of each month at noon
    • Delivery Day: Third Wednesday of each month at 6 a.m.

      Submit to Manager Monthly


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