Division of Secondary Education

  • Welcome to the Division of Secondary Education. Our team provides direct support to all middle schools and high schools. 

    Our vision:

    The Denver Public Schools (DPS) Division of Secondary Education (DSE) works in service to our schools to focus on the opportunity quartile and ensure that each student graduates from high school prepared for success in college, career, and life.  We do this by:

    • Maintaining a common, sharp focus on our schools’ ability to provide equitable access to rigorous learning for each individual student with core, college and career-focused academics, and extracurricular opportunities.
    • Boldly setting high expectations for our students, our teachers, our leaders, our families, and our division, and providing the supports necessary to achieve these expectations.
    • Engaging collaboratively with each other and our schools to align the systems, resources, and priorities necessary to meet or exceed our expectations.

    Some of our goals for the 2018-19 school year:

    • Math Achievement:
      • Increase the percentage of all 6-12 students that will achieve Meets or Exceeds in mathematics by 2025 on CMAS, PSAT and SAT
      • Increase the percentage of Latino and African American students that will achieve Meets or Exceeds in mathematics by 2025 on CMAS, PSAT and SAT
      • Increase the percentage of students who are on-track to graduation in the transition grades
    • Support the Whole Child:
      • Increase the percentage of schools achieving Meets on the School Performance Framework attendance measure
      • Reduce out of schools suspensions
    • Reimagine the High School Experience:
      • Design a 5-year comprehensive plan that includes a more learner-centered, competency-based, rigorous and engaging high school experience for our diverse student population.

    What we offer: 

    • Strategic support to schools and the leaders in implementing the district initiatives in order to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning.
    • Professional learning for school leaders
    • Liaison between DPS departments and schools


  • Division of Secondary Education (DSE)
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     Nicole Veltze, Assistant Superintendent, Division of Secondary Education

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