The Commons Overview

  • What is The Commons?

    The Commons is an intranet with information, resources and forms relevant to DPS employees.

    What information is on The Commons?

    The Commons was made to provide you with what you need to be an informed and engaged member of Team DPS. This includes available services and programs, information from departments, documents and forms, and links to other important websites. The homepage of The Commons includes a section with information about newly added internal resources you’ll find on the site. Check out the updated Department Directory to help you navigate the site.

    What is the difference between the DPS website and the intranet?

    The DPS website ( contains information for our students and families, community members and prospective employees. The Commons ( intranet houses resources, documents and forms for Team DPS.

    How was The Commons made possible?

    The Commons was made possible thanks to the 2012 bond approved by Denver voters.