How To Access The Commons

  • How do I access the intranet?

    You can access The Commons anywhere, anytime at This mobile-friendly site is available off-network, so you can access it from home, work or on the go.

    What Internet browsers are supported?

    The Commons performs as intended on the latest versions of all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. For best performance, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 are recommended.

    Can I view The Commons on my mobile or tablet device?

    Yes, The Commons is a responsive site, meaning that it can be viewed from any mobile or tablet device.

    Does The Commons have to be my computer’s default homepage?

    To stay up-to-date with DPS’ latest news and resources, we encourage you to keep The Commons as your default homepage. However, you have the option to change it to the homepage of your choice.

    How can I ensure The Commons is displaying properly?

    1. You are using one of the supported browsers: Internet Explorer 10, 11, Chrome or Firefox (see instructions below),
    2. Make sure compatibility mode is disabled or removed (see instructions below), and
    3. Clear cookies and website data (see instructions below).

    How do I find the installed version of Internet Explorer?

    Follow these four steps to ensure your Internet Explorer browser version is suported and up-to-date to view The Commons. Remember, you will want to use Internet Explorer 10 or 11, Chrome or Firefox. 

    How do I turn off compatibility mode to ensure the layout of The Commons is optimized in Internet Explorer 10 or 11?

    Follow these steps to turn off compatibility mode in your Internet Explorer browser. In doing so, the layout of The Commons will be optimized for the best viewing.

    How do I clear cookies and website data?

    Sometimes a website can store old cookies and website data, which may make a website display old content, files, graphics and photos. Follow these steps to clear your cookies and website data to ensure you're always viewing the latest version of The Commons.