Privacy of Information

  • Do you have to log on to view The Commons? 

    You do not have to log on to access the intranet. 

    How is the district's information protected on the intranet? 

    The Commons was made available off-network to ensure all DPS employees have access to the district's internal resources. Now, all employees can access DPS' internal resources from work, home and mobile devices. With this update, information on The Commons has stayed the same. However, content that needs to remain private is protected and will require users to log on to Google with their DPS credentials to access district-only information. 

    Can charter school and Emily Griffith Technical College employees access The Commons? 

    Yes, now that the intranet is available off-network, all of Team DPS can access the intranet from anywhere, anytime. 

    How do I log on to Google to access district-only information? 

    Some links on The Commons are password-protected on Google. If you receive a prompt to log on, simply input your DPS username and password, and you will be able to view the information.   

    Does the look and feel of the intranet appear the same on Google? 

    Most content on Google will align with the look and feel of The Commons. However, sometimes departments will display documents that are formatted differently for internal reasons.  

    Who do I contact if I need to migrate my department's information on to Google? 

    Contact if you need to migrate district-only information to Google. 

    How is information managed on The Commons? 

    More than 80 site managers update content on The Commons every day. They also make decisions about what information needs password-protection on Google. If you have a question about a department's section, you can always contact the site manager, who is listed in the contact section of every department page, or