High School Visual Arts Exhibition Toolkit

  • March 6 - April 10, 2020, Wellington Webb Municipal Building, Atrium
    201 West Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80202

    A robust curriculum in visual art includes an understanding of conceptual ideas expressed through visual art skills and techniques.  This annual juried exhibition showcases DPS high school student artwork that demonstrates and achieves a high standard of execution, vision, and creativity. We invite all DPS high schools to submit original and current 2019-2020 student artwork.

    Student Artwork Girl Student Artwork Clown Student Artwork Child Hand

    Student Artwork House Student Artwork Vase Student Artwork Bottles

  • Guidelines

    Exhibition Selection

    • Entries: Artwork may be submitted in one of two categories: Senior Portfolio or Individual Artwork.
    • Teachers:
      • Full-time teachers may submit up to ten (10) individual pieces and two (2) senior portfolios. 
      • Part-time teachers may submit up to five (5) individual pieces and one (1)senior portfolio.
    • Individual Artwork Category: Students (including seniors) may enter up to five (5) pieces of artwork.
    • Senior Portfolio Category: Senior students who are eligible may enter five (5) pieces of artwork for portfolio consideration. Jurors will determine what category the submission qualifies for. All portfolios must follow the preparation guidelines below. All five (5) portfolio pieces need to be grouped, labeled, and checked in together.


    • DPS students are eligible to participate in the exhibition if they have taken one or more high school visual art courses, are currently enrolled, or are a January graduate.
    • All entries submitted to the exhibition must be current 2018-2019 original artwork.
    • Teacher and student select the artwork to be submitted.

    Awards: will be given based on the quality of the work in each of the following categories:drawing, painting, ceramic, fiber, sculpture, mixed media, jewelry, printmaking, graphic art, digital media, and photography. Poster award winners and scholarship recipients will also be recognized.


    Preparation for Selected Artwork

    • All artwork must be ready to exhibit at the time of delivery.
      Completely fill
      out the Citywide Arts Exhibition Label Form for each piece of artwork. Attach each label securely to base or back of artwork – invisible to viewers. Keep copies of label forms for school records. (Click Here for Form)
    • Denver Public Schools and the exhibition venue are not responsible for loss, damage, or breakage of artwork.


    Two-Dimensional Artwork

    Three-Dimensional Artwork

    • Matted or mounted and backed with thick cardboard.
    • Each individual matted piece counts as one entry. Pieces mounted together count as one entry.
    • Double matting is acceptable. Inner mat can be of any color; top mat must be white or black. Mat borders must be a minimum of 2”.
    • Frames, glass, Plexiglas, wood strips, or plywood must be previously approved.
    • Art done with charcoals, pencils, or oil pastels must be protected with fixative, acetate, polyester film, or a paper flap the same size as the mat.
    • Deliver artwork in protective covering.
    • Use appropriate hangers: picture wire, string, or a commercially available hanging kit.


    • Maximum weight: 30 pounds
    • Maximum height: 130”
    • Maximum girth:
      [height + (2x width) = (2x depth)
    • Oversized freestanding artwork will be considered depending on space available at the Wellington Webb Building.
    • Securely package and deliver artwork in a box(s).
    • Locking glass cases are available for jewelry.
    • Artists who submit media arts artwork must arrange their own technical accommodations for displaying and/or viewing.