Behavioral Strategies

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    The Student Equity & Opportunity (SEO) department is excited to provide updates regarding SEO school support at Tier I through Tier III levels that will help schools build a positive climate and culture, behavior supports, and interventions to ultimately work toward reducing behavior incidences and disciplinary events. This is in addition to the supports already being provided throughout DPS by our Mental Health Team, Special Education Team, Restorative Practice Team, School Nursing Team, Discipline Team, Substance Abuse Prevention Team, Bullying Prevention Team -- along with teams outside of SEO such as our School Counseling Team, School Safety Team, and many more. A summary of all Tier I and Tier II supports can be found here, and the full description of these behavior and school climate and culture tiered support updates can be found here

    If you need support in knowing who your contact person is, please use the map on the home page of the

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    Frequency Form- A form that assists with recording the frequency or number of times a discrete behavior occurs in a given time period. 

    Duration Recording Form- This is the data collection method of choice when the objective is to determine how long a student engages in a particular behavior.

    Peer Behavior Comparison Form

    Scatter Plot