Behavioral Strategies

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    Behavioral barriers are a normal part of the classroom. However, when students exhibit behavior barriers that may influence their peers’ ability to engage in learning or impact their own ability to self-regulate, additional support beyond the classroom teacher may be necessary.

    The Student Equity & Opportunity team is looking forward to working with schools to not only provide strategies for behavioral barriers, but to share best practices and build the capacity of educators in the building to create a positive environment for everyone in our school community.

    Our Behavioral Technicians are able to:

    • Provide 1-1 coaching for teachers and paraprofessionals
    • Build capacity of adults with understanding and effectively implementing behavior management practices through on-site coaching and modeling
    • Provide professional development
    • Consult with staff working with students with extreme behavioral needs
    • Support school staff with developing a system to collect behavioral student data (ABC, peer comparison, frequency, etc.)
    • Serve as a thought partner to school staff and teams around the analysis and interpretation of behavioral data
    • Provide input into the development of FBA/BIP and behavioral crisis intervention plans

    Request support from the Behavior Strategies Team.

    **Please note that we have twenty behavior technicians and there may be times in which they are all working with other students; if that occurs, we will work with you how to address the student need until the behavior tech becomes available.**

    Frequency Form- A form that assists with recording the frequency or number of times a discrete behavior occurs in a given time period. 

    Duration Recording Form- This is the data collection method of choice when the objective is to determine how long a student engages in a particular behavior.

    Peer Behavior Comparison Form

    Scatter Plot