Academics and Remote Learning

  • The Academics Division is committed to provide resources to equip teachers and leaders in the transition from "Pandemic Teaching" to "Remote Teaching". In the pages listed on the left you can find Instructional & Remote Learning Resources, Curricular Resources by Content Area, English Language Acquisition Supports, Teacher & Leader Resources, and more.

    Peter DeWitt refers to Pandemic teaching and learning as reactive, unplanned, not rigorous or engaging, and inequitable experiences for students. He talks about the need for us to shift from this Pandemic Teaching, Learning, and our focus today, leading to virtual teaching, learning, and leading that is prepared and planned, where we continually reflect on what works and what doesn’t, where students and the adults who teach them have access to tools, and most importantly, where the learning is designed to be equitable because students have high identification, or belonging and connectedness to the school because the content is rigorous.

     Bullet Points of Pandemic Teaching versus Remote Teaching

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