About Operations

  • The Operations teams are focused on implementing the latest health requirements to safely support the DPS community this year. 

    In a district our size we need to have standard processes and procedures to ensure we can deliver, especially in a time when everything is changing.  However, we also know that with so many schools with different needs, building, student populations that a one size fits all wont work.   We want to work with you to adapt things to meet your needs as much as possible.   That will mean working closely with your FM, Food Services area manager, and other staff to help ensure we can deliver.  It will also mean that sometimes we will not be able to meet all requests, or customize processes even if we have been able in the past because of our operational guardrails and health requirements   Our goal will be to support you and your school and work with you as one team to make sure we can all be successful while minimizing risk.